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    EUROPE : Start From The Dark


    After 12 years absence Swedish are coming back with this so peachy and dynamic new album. John Norum is back with guitar as Kee Marcelo busy with another project did not joinded them.

    During such a long absence, boys have made a lot by themselves. Their experience of 1999.31.12 at Stockholm where they had played in front of thousands of spectators, made them think to play together again.

    It was the time for Europe to "Start From The Dark"...

    We are very far from "The final countdown" time and from such type of melody full of


    Very heavy beginning with "go to have faith" (trendy, peachy !). This song announced the album musical type : very strong, they have it done brilliantly ! and with a little melodic touch on refrain level.In that register there is "America" and "Song 12" well heavy with a special mention to "Spirit of the underdog" very heavy too, with a sublime piano introduction. It's one of the few songs here one can hear keyboard so clearly . So great !

    The album is made as well with dark and heavy titles, as for "Start of the dark" and "Flames", both with big, heavy sound guitar-bass, rythm is haunting your head, most of all in "Flames" and going on with John Leven's bass so performing wonders ! What a performance !

    "Hero" is the ballad of the album. And there is the typical Europe sound. That song could appear in "Prisoneer in Paradise" (released in 1991). Sometimes I feel like if this melody was starting on "Prisoneer in Paradise". Such melody is really splendid because of its words too. Joey Tempest tell us how he's filled with admiration for a group of which he's fan. And it's really the same we feel for Europe group. And it's so moving !

    On the ballad register, we can add "Settle for love" that is an electro acoustic song of attracting attention. Good tempo, good rythm, pretty voice. Such song could take place in "Azalea place" or in "a place to call home" from Joey Tempest (solo).

    Concerning song with "fun" rythm, there's "Wake up call" and "Sucker", both are very dynamic songs. There, no surprise, it sounds like the typical Europe. Mention of the past time is still present but with modern sound of years 2000. Such sound is enthusiastic and you can't feel emotionless.

    Concerning "Reason" and "Roll with you" I would say that both songs make me think to the Joey Tempest last solo album, but more punchy ! These are magnificent, gloomy shaded melodies. And it's so beautiful !

    To sum up, that album is a clever mix between a typical sound of years 2000, with the typical sound of Europe, that everybody knows, with the influence of Joey playing solo. In my opinion it's fully successful and, beeing honest, I'm with nostalgia from "the time of Europe". But I don't insist anymore ! I'm not at all deceived . I love that album ! John Norum return playing guitar is important I think in that heavy and agressive side but it's great ! To tone it down, synthesizer is missing very much. Mic Michaeli's services would be so nice if done ! As well, one can see that Joey is not rising high-pitched as before, his voice is not as so pushed as before but that takes nothing away to the beauty of his song. When he starts singing, everybody knows it's HIM ! And I think it's the most important . In my own opinion they are bounded to success !

    Congratulations and keep it up !



    Chronic written by me (Valérie), traduc by Helène Maudier

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