• Joey Tempest interview

    EUROPE frontman Joey Tempest recently hooked up with BW&BK to discuss their unexpectedly successful return with the Start From The Dark album. The following is a brief excerpt from the chat:

    "We were a little surprised that we were able to do 100 shows for Start From The Dark," Tempest admits. "We were on the road for a year and a half and were able to go to all these places again. People were very interested in our new songs, and we’re a very lucky band in that we can go out and tour. We have a place out there and it feels really nice. What we wanted to do with the new album is start fresh, so it’s like a debut album. It was like a young band starting – that was the approach, anyway – so maybe we can take the next album somewhere else. Those two things have worked for us, and we’ve been able to put down roots again as far as hard rock goes. We didn’t do a Bryan Adams kind of album, we did a hard rock album for the hard rock fans. We took a bit of a risk with Start From The Dark, but we didn’t want to do an ‘80s album. We didn’t want to try and cash in on our past, which is why we built a new sound from the ground up."

    Here the link of prestation of Europe the 4 december


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