• HEAT : Vidéos de Moscou le 27 juillet 2018


    HEAT : Vidéos de Moscou le 27 juillet 2018

    Late Night Lady/Mannequin Show

    Living On The Run

    Breaking The Silence

    Tearing donw the wall

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    Lundi 30 Juillet 2018 à 22:32

    Hello, I found this website by accident and though I don't understand that much I've found couple of new interesting bands from here I didn't know before. There's clearly active hard rock / metal scene in 2018 that I'm not aware of.. yet! Cheers!

      • Mardi 31 Juillet 2018 à 08:48



        Thanx for your visit here! I'm happy if you had found new band here you dont' know yet. :-)

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