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    Interview by mail by Joey Tempest  the 14 march 2006

    Valérie and Stephan

    : Can you explain us your state of mind after this long tour "Start From The Dark"? Are you happy about the welcome that we, fans, we reserved to you after this long breack? What do you think about your french fans?

    J.T. What can I say. I'm back with my friends in the band. I've known them since I was a teenager. It's a good feeling. You (our audience) have been very forgiving. We've been away for a while and you guys are giving us this big welcome back. SFTD was a statement. We took a chance and I believe it paid of. It's been a great tour as well.

    Stephan and Mike : Are you conscious that a lot of people in France do not know that EUROPE is back, and this because to the lack of promotion and mediatisation: is it a choice of the group? Will the promotion of the new album be different, more ambitious?
    In order to make a better promotion of the band in France (with the help of the fans), don't you think it would be interesting to e-mail the informations (that the band, the management or the record company want to release) to a selection of french website ?

    J.T. We've been away for a while so it will take a bit of time and effort to let people know we are back to stay. By releasing more Cd's, Dvd's and doing more tours we will slowly get back into peoples consciousness again.
    When the time comes for the release of our next Cd (which I hope will be in october) I'm sure there are ways you can help us by spreading the word. We will let you know through our website.

    Valérie: About, "Start From The Dark", this album is different of what you were able to make in the past. However, I think that titles as "Hero" or "Sucker" could appear on "Prisoners In Paradise" and I think that titles as " Roll with you " or "Reason" could appear on your last solo album. What do you think of it?

    J.T. We wrote it in 6 months and recorded it in 40 days. It is a snapshot of that period in our lives. It was an exiting album to make.
    I'm sure you can trace our other albums in there, I think thats a natural thing.

    Valérie, Stephan and Mike: Concerning your voice, your way of singing is different that in the past, you rise a little less in the pointed. Is it an individual choice or is it either to protect your voice, you avoid rising too much?

    J.T. I think the voice will change and evolve during a lifetime. I'm also getting into this kind of singing again.

    Stephan : In the last tour we can note that there is only one acoustic ballad (Carrie), is it the will of the group of not integrate more ballad as " open your heart ", " homeland ", " tommorow ", etc....
    In the bonus of the DVD we can see the rehearsal of " spirit of the underdog ", knowing that it is one of the favorite songs of the fans, why didn' you integrated it in the tour's set list?

    J.T. Everyone in the band will decide together which songs that we play on the tour. We try them all out and see which of them works. Some songs also work better on the Cd than in a "live" situation.

    Valérie : "Live From The Dark", it's a magnificent present that you gave us by preparing us a double DVD. I saw that it's very successful. Does it motivate you to prepare another live DVD for the next tour 2006/2007?

    J.T. DVD is a new format for us and we are looking forward to filming the next one on the next tour. We are planning these things already.

    Stephan and Mike : What do you think of the "battle" of fan as regards both guitarists who made the story of Europe, I want to speak about John Norum and about Kee Marcello? Are you still in contact with Kee Marcello. Could a guest appearance be possible of the next album ?

    J.T. We all met Kee a couple of months ago, he seems to be doing all right. I don't think a guest appearance will happen. We had good period with Kee in the band but I guess things have moved on.

    Valérie : For a long time, I ask myself a question concerning your titles of albums. I seea logical continuation in the titles and this, since "Wings of Tomorow". I explain my thoughts :
    "Wings of Tomorrow": it is the preparation for a flight
    "The Final Countdown" it is the lght-off the rocket
    "Out Of This World ": you are "in orbit"
    "Prisoners In Paradise": you are prisoniers of your success and do not know how to go out of it.
    "Start From The Dark": it is the liberation, you found the solution to return to us!
    Did you really "calculate" these titles, or was it fate?

    J.T. I think your story is very good, Why not. Maybe on some level its right...

    Mike et Stephan : SFTD is a very good, guitar oriented album. Without going back to the sound of the 80's, do you intend to give more importance, more space to the keyboards arrangements as hope a lot of fans?

    J.T. There is a possibility that there will be some more space for keyboards on the next Cd. We are keeping this in mind. It is still a little bit early to tell.

    Valérie : When a tour gets ready, it is you with the management and the record company that decide which countries and cities you would give show in or countries and cities do contact you to suggest you to give a gig in in their place?

    J.T. We work with a company called The Agency, They are very experienced with this kind of thing. They will ask around and then book the gig's for us.

    Valérie and Stephan : Shall we have the luck in France to see you somewhere else that in Paris? In an interview that Joey gave in a french magazine, he said he hopes a live french tour worthy of the name in autumn 2006. Not only Paris as last time (except Colmar for your summer tour on 2004), France is a big country.. In which French town would you like to play? Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseille for example?

    J.T. I hope we can play some more city's in France next time around. I wouldn't mind at all...

    Stephan : Can we hope an album and a tour every two year for the twenty next year?

    J.T. We will do more albums and tours. We are back as a working band.

    Valérie : Many bands take your songs, which songs and which band do you prefer. I know for example, that Edguy sing "I'll cry for you" accoustic version in live. Do you listen this? And if yes, what do you think about this version?

    J.T. I have not heard that version. There have been a few "covers" of europe songs. I think it's fun to hear them.

    Mike : : Do you think it could be possible to organize a meeting between the band and some French speaking fans during next tour ?

    J.T. Please check with our management when the time comes.

    Mike and Valérie : Do you think, one day, you should release a live album? Or will your next album be a double one (or a studio album with live titles as a bonus) for example ?

    J.T. We want to release a live album. It will probably be after the next tour.

    Valérie : I know a great concert hall of approximately 5000 places in my city ( Agen). It is well placed ideally geographically I mean : 200 km far from border of Spain and it is between 2 big cities of more than 300 000 inhabitants (Bordeaux and Toulouse). Would that interest you?;-)

    J.T. The best thing for you to do is to contact our management or The Agency if you have a genuine proposal.


    So, Mike, Stephan and me (Valérie), with all french fans of you, we tell you : see you soon, on your next tour in France!!

    And, thank you for your music!

    See you soon, Take care.......Joey


    Thank you to Hanna from Talent Trust, Winny and Andrea from Sanctuary Records!


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